Thinking You Are Strong (2 Chronicles 26:1-22)

Pastor Waggoner explains why we must always rely on God’s strength.

Royal Mistake #5: Thinking You are Strong (2 Chron. 26:1-22)

Pastor Waggoner unpacks why we should always rely on God’s strength, not our own

Danger of Success 2 Chron. 26

The mistake of King Uzziah provides us with a warning about trusting in our own strength
Delivered to the student body in a chapel service at  Appalachian Bible College

Royal Mistake #4- Following Poor Advice (2 Sam. 17:1-14)

Pastor Waggoner unpacks what we can learn from King David’s son, Absalom, as he attempts to overthrow his father.

Royal Mistake #3: Fighting the Wrong Enemy (1 Kings 16:8-20)

Pastor Waggoner teaches us the difference between our supposed enemies and the real enemies!

Royal Mistake #2: Hardened Heart (Exodus 7-14)

Beware of a hardened heart-what can we learn from Pharaoh to prevent or cure us of having one?

Royal Mistakes (Exodus 5-6)

What can we learn from the Royal Mistakes kings and leaders have made?  Pastor Waggoner breaks it down for us.

Jesus Encounters an Evil Heart (John 13:

Pastor Waggoner teaches us what we should do when we encounter an evil heart.

Jesus Encounters a Battered Heart (John 4:1-43)

Jesus has an open heart to the lost and hurting; we should do likewise:

Jesus Encounters a Self-Satisfied Heart (Luke 10:25-37)

Pastor Waggoner discusses how we can be more like Jesus in our caring and compassion.

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