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Praying Like Jesus- Part 3

praying_like_JesusCA  We learn what our prayers should focus on.

Praying Like Jesus- Part 2

praying_like_JesusCA  We see Jesus’ gift list as we study how He prayed.

Praying Like Jesus- Part 1

praying_like_JesusCA  In this study we learn more about praying like Jesus.

Bumping into Jesus- Part Four

bumping_CA  Part four

Bumping into Jesus- Part Three

bumping_CA  Part Three

Bumping into Jesus- Part Two

bumping_CA Part two

Bumping into Jesus- Part One

bumping_CA Part One

Stuff We Do in Church: Fellowship

stuffCA  What is so important about fellowship?  Pastor Waggoner unpacks why it is good to interact with other believers.

Stuff We Do in Church: Giving

stuffCA  Why do we give in church and what deeper meaning does it have for us?

Stuff We Do in Church: Pray

stuffCA  Why should we be a praying church?

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