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Eavesdropping on the Enemy (Judges 7:9-15)

hero_CA  Pastor Waggoner teaches us how we can be looking for God’s work in today’s world as we learn from Gideon.

Unshared Glory (Judges 7:1-8)

hero_CA  What does giving God glory mean, require and produce?  Pastor Waggoner unpacks the answers as we continue to look at Gideon.

Lord, Are You There? (Judges 6:33-40)

hero_CA  What can we learn from Gideon’s fleece?  How can we stay sensitive to the presence of God in our lives? Pastor Waggoner uncovers the answers in this study.

Gideon: An Unlikely Hero (First Steps)

hero_CA  We are called to take a courageous public stand for God.  How can we do this in today’s world and what can we expect when we do?