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Being Set Free

traps_ca   Being set free (Psalm 124:7)

The Trap of Past Victories

traps_ca  The trap of past victories (Judges 8:27)

The Trap of own hands

traps_ca  The trap of own hands (Psalm 9:16)

The Trap of speech

traps_ca The trap of speech (Proverbs 12:13, 18:7)

The Trap of the Fear of Men

traps_ca The trap of the fear of men (Proverbs 9:25)

The Trap Idols

traps_ca  The Trap of the Idols  (Deut.  7:25)

The Trap of Anger

traps_ca   The trap of anger (Proverbs 22:24-25)

The Trap of Greed

traps_ca   The trap of greed ( 1Timothy 6:9)

The Ark- The BIG Picture (1 Kings 8:1-25)

lost_arkCA  In this study we learn that the covenant goes beyond worship and God’s people; that it is really about His kingdom.

Where to Find the Lost Ark

lost_arkCA  We learn that the lost ark pictures a broken covenant while the “found” ark pictures God’s faithfulness to us.

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