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Help Wanted- The Shepherd, part 2 (John 10:1-31)

 Pastor Waggoner concludes this series by discussing the shepherd more in depth and how we should look  to the Good Shepherd for our needs.

Help Wanted- The Shepherd

 Pastor Waggoner gives us insight into the shepherd and how we can see the shepherd as a picture of God’s loving care to us.

Help Wanted- The Scribe

  Pastor Waggoner continues with the Help Wanted series as we learn about the keeper of documents and how we need to be careful since knowledge of the Word does not gaurantee our practice of it.

Help Wanted- The Centurion

 Pastor Waggoner continues the Help Wanted series as we see that even a hardened centurion can have a soft heart toward God- a good lesson for all of us.

Help Wanted- The Tax Collector

 Pastor Waggoner continues with part two of the Help Wanted-Bible Occupations series, where he talks about what biblical lessons we can learn from the tax collector.

Help Wanted- The Potter

 Part one of Help Wanted – A study of Bible occupations