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Last Words- John (Revelation 22:18-21)

LW_CA_podomatic  We conclude this series with learning from John what our instructions are going forward today.

Last Words- John (1 John 5:21)

LW_CA_podomatic  What can we learn from John?  He talks about what we should keep ourselves from in his last testament to us.

Last Words- Judas (Matt. 27:4-5)

LW_CA_podomatic In this study we learn from Judas how poor choices produce profound sorrow.

Last Words- Athaliah (2 Chron. 23:1-20)

LW_CA_podomatic We learn from the evil queen Athaliah that we do not want our dying words to reflect a life all about self.

Last Words- Samson (Judges 16:23-31)

LW_CA_podomatic  What can we learn from Samson, as his life ended with a statement of regret?  Pastor Waggoner unpacks the truths that will help us live our lives without the regret.

Last Words- Paul (Part 2)- (2 Timothy 4:6-8)

LW_CA_podomatic  Pastor Waggoner shares with us what we can learn from what Paul values.

Last Words- Paul (Part 1)

LW_CA_podomatic In this study we see what we can learn from Paul- how did he view his life, his record, and eternity?  Should we, perhaps, live the same way?

Last Words – Moses (Deut. 32:45-52)

LW_CA_podomatic   Part 3 of “Last Words” series – Moses last words offer a message about obedience

Last Words- Stephen (Acts 7:56, 59-60)

LW_CA_podomatic  How can we have a record like Stephen?  Things like speaking the truth, extending grace, and using the gifts God has given us will put us on the right path.

Last Words – Issac (Genesis 28:1-4)

LW_CA_podomatic    Issac’s last words show us what is important in our relationship with those who come after us