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The Ark- The BIG Picture (1 Kings 8:1-25)

lost_arkCA  In this study we learn that the covenant goes beyond worship and God’s people; that it is really about His kingdom.

Where to Find the Lost Ark

lost_arkCA  We learn that the lost ark pictures a broken covenant while the “found” ark pictures God’s faithfulness to us.

The Ark and the Holiness of God (2 Sam. 6:1-17)

lost_arkCA  In this study we learn why we need to remain vigilant in honoring the holiness of God.

Raided by the Lost Ark (1 Samuel 5:1-6:19)

lost_arkCA  Pastor Waggoner reminds us that a proper respect of God is needed in our spiritual life.

The Treasure of God’s Glory (1 Samuel 4:1-22)

lost_arkCA  Pastor Waggoner shows us how important it is to give our full attention to our relationship with God; as our inattention can result in our misuse of His glory.

The Ark- Reminder of God’s Presence (Joshua 3-6)

lost_arkCA  Pastor Waggoner reminds us that God is with us to guide us and get us through life and he discusses how the Ark is a reminder to us of this truth.

The Way to God

lost_arkCA  Pastor Waggoner discusses how the placement of the Ark inside the Tabernacle demonstrates our interaction with God’s presence.

A Look Inside the Ark

lost_arkCA  Pastor Waggoner explores with us the inside of the ark and what it means to us today.

“Ark”eology 101(Exodus 25:10-22)

lost_arkCA In this study we will come to understand lessons from the ark as well as how we can apply these to our own lives every day.