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Living Without Offense (Matt. 17:22-27)

In this study we learn how to avoid unnecessary offense and why we need to do so.

Get Out of the Way (Matt. 16:21-28)

In this study Pastor Waggoner shows us how we get in the way of Jesus but more importantly what we can do to stay out of His way.

Staying in Your Place (Matt. 16:13-20)

Here we learn that we need to rely on God’s strength to accomplish His mission, and we reflect if we are in the most useful place for God.

Closing the Faith Gap (Matt. 14: 22-33)

Pastor Waggoner concludes this series with discussing how we an close the gap between our weakness and Jesus’ power.

Peter on the Witness Stand

Pastor Waggoner discusses how we, like Peter, are called to verify the works of God and how we can look to Peter’s example to do that.

What’s The Point (Matt. 20:20-28)

Part 3 of  “Following Jesus”

Jesus the Disciple Maker (Luke 5:1-11)

Pastor Waggoner discusses six primary methods we should use to share Christ’s life with others

Following Jesus

Pastor Waggoner leads us through lessons from the life of Peter which will equip us to follow Jesus in new ways.

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