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Jesus Encounters a Hopeless Heart (Luke 10:38-42)

Sometimes God uses people like us to show compassion to a hopeless heart.

Jesus Encounters a Confused Heart (John 2:1-11)


What can we expect from Jesus when we take our concerns to Him, and what can we expect when we obey His instructions?

Jesus Encounters a Disappointed Heart (John 11:17-44)

Sometimes the way things look is not the way things really are.

Jesus Encounters an Anxious Heart (Luke 10:38-42)

Pastor Waggoner shows us what we can do with our own anxious hearts based on some of Jesus’ encounters.

Finding Peace

How can we find peace, even in today’s tumultuous world?

Honor Your Parents (Exodus 20:12)

What does honor really mean and how should we extend it?

Live Loved

This study reveals Love’s Address….

Live Loved

Pastor Waggoner discusses how we can really live in Jesus’ love.

Live Loved

How does God define, display and deliver love to us?

The Masks People Wear

Pastor Waggoner reveals what God thinks of hypocrisy in this last session.

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