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Witness of the Star (Matt. 2:2)

Pastor Waggoner expounds on His star; what it is, what it means, and what it’s purpose is..


The Witnesses from Heaven (Matt. 3:13-17)

Pastor Waggoner expounds on the voice from Heaven and how it relates to the power of the Spirit.

Top-Level Witnesses (Luke 2:39-51)

In this study Pastor Waggoner expounds upon Jesus being uniquely qualified in every way to be our Savior.  How is it then, that so many teachers of the law missed multiple opportunities of verification, and do we ever miss opportunities?


The Waiting Witnesses (Luke 2:22-38)

Pastor Waggoner shows us that the Lord can make many great things happen, even if we have to wait!


Many Infallible Proofs (Acts 1:3)

In this study Pastor Waggoner expounds on the many infallible truths we have about Christ, His life, and His resurrection.

Guard Duty (Matt. 27:62-28:15)

What does the guards’ situation at the sealed tomb of Jesus tell us about the truth?

Witnesses of His Glory (Luke 9:27-36)

Pastor Waggoner expounds on who these witnesses to God’s glory are and what the point is.

The Witnesses of the Open Door (Matt. 27:50-51)

Discover how multiple witnesses are a verification in knowing that Christ, as the living sacrifice, took away the need to go back to the law and opened the door to a genuine relationship with God.

The Secret Witnesses (John 19:39-42)

 In part two of this study, Pastor Waggoner discusses the death and resurrection of Christ and the verification thereof.

Living Proof

Pastor Waggoner gives us questions to ask ourselves as we read God’s Word.

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