Pray in Jesus’ Name (John 14:13-14)

In this session we learn what it means to pray in Jesus’ name

Consistent Praying

Pastor Waggoner unpacks what it really means to pray continuously.

Expectant Praying

As we focus on God’s work, we will begin to pray expectantly.

Prayer Secrets (Part 1)

Is there a proper way to pray?  In this series Pastor Waggoner unpacks what we need to do in order to grow in our prayer lives.

When the Party is Over (Lamentations 5:1-22)

What role does chastisement and confession play in our spiritual life?  In this study we learn more about both.

Seeing the End From the Beginning (Lamentations 4:1-22)

There are a couple of things that should drive us to obedience to God- Pastor Waggoner reveals what they are.

Hope in the Storm (Lamentations 3)

Pastor Waggoner teaches us what strategy to use when the storm moves in on us.

Godly Sorrow (Lamentations 2)

What role does godly sorrow play in our lives and how should we deal with it?  Pastor Waggoner helps us understand what we can do.

When Life Hurts (Lamentations)

In this study, Jeremiah shows us how to respond to the hurts of life.

The Heart of the Savior


The heart of Jesus is revealed as He moved toward the cross

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